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Frequently Asked Questions


Mint y Controles de Movimiento

  • With the Flex/Mint II product, I get error 512 (overspeed). Why does this occur?
  • Can a BSM servo motor operate above "rated speed" and "rated voltage" and how do these ratings effect my application?
  • With Baldor's Flex II product (ie catalog FxHxxxxxx-xx20), do I need to supply 24VDC or is it generated from inside the drive?
  • With the Flex/Mint II product I make changes to the setup of the drive. Everything seems to work fine. I come back later and re-start the drive and my changes are gone. What happened?
  • What is the difference between the EnDat encoder and the SSI encoder?

    Is there a limit to the number of variables I can create in Mint?


    Can I create a Windows front end for a Baldor motion controller or servo drive?


    What is EPL?


    Does Mint stand for anything?


    What modes of motion are supported in Mint?


    What is multitasking?


    Can I program a Baldor motion controller in ‘C’?


    Can a Mint programmable product replace a PLC?


    How fast is Mint?


    What is Mint


    Can I write a Mint program without being connected to a controller?


    What is SupportMe?


    Can I use Windows 98 with the USB based controllers?


    I have an Apple Mac running Virtual PC and Windows XP. Can I talk to a USB controller?


    What is modular programming and how can it benefit me?


    Can I interface a PLC to a Mint motion controller?

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