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Frequently Asked Questions


Servo Amplificadores

My motor will not get over 1200 rpm. It is rated for 3500 rpm with a 300 volt bus. What do I need to check?


I loaded my project file into my new drive and it would not run . What did I do wrong?


Is Ethernet available on the series II drives.?


My application consist of a Nextmove BXII controlling a FlexDrive-II. Should the flex drive be set to speed mode or current mode.


I try to enable the drive with the software and I keep getting error 8192 (drive enable inactive)


My MintDrive-II is catalog number MDH2A05TR-RN23. It has an internal 24 volts, do I still need an external 24 volt supply?


Does the communication software come with the series II drives?


When would I use KVTIME?


My drive gives a feedback fault during the autotune. Error #12 (Encoder or resolver rotation sense is wrong). What can I do?


What is the difference between Flex+Drive-II and MintDrive-II?


I have a MintDrive-II or FlexDrive-II with no field bus options installed. Can I add a field bus option to my control?


I have a series one Mintdrive. Can I talk to it with WorkbenchV5?


I have an Flex-II series product operating in Speed Control Mode. I can’t seem to get all of the oscillation out of the motor. What can I do?


I have developed my application on an MintDrive-II. What do I need to save or backup in order to protect my application in case something goes wrong in the future?


When I try to download firmware to my MintDrive-II it says Erasing Flash and then reports Improper Coff file. What do I do?


What USB adapters work with Baldor’s drives?


I commissioned my MintDrive-II but when I powered down my unit all of my parameters are lost. Why?


Can I use a Flex+Drive-II for a following application?

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