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Frequently Asked Questions



What is the maximum distance between any two devices?


What is UDP/IP?


What is TCP/IP?


What is CiA DSP 402?


What is the relationship between CANopen and Powerlink?


Can I connect two devices that communicate using TCP or UDP?


Powerlink is an OPEN system, what does this mean?


How many devices can I use on Powerlink?


Can I connect standard Ethernet devices to a Powerlink system?


How does ETHERNET Powerlink avoid data collisions?


What is CSMA/CD?


Is ETHERNET Powerlink deterministic?


What is an IP address?


Can I route devices through my IS infrastructure?


What is “Real-Time”?


Is there a time penalty if I add more axes to the system?


How fast is ETHERNET Powerlink?


Who owns the ETHERNET Powerlink standard?


What information can I gather over the ETHERNET Powerlink network?


Is Ethernet deterministic?


Does Baldor support any other real-time networks?


What do you mean by complete device visibility?


Can I control I/O over ETHERNET Powerlink?


How many axes can I control over ETHERNET Powerlink?


Are there cost savings in using ETHERNET Powerlink?


Why do I need Powerlink?


What is ‘determinism’?


What is ‘jitter’ and why is it important?


Will Mint Powerlink products work with other 3rd party Powerlink devices?


What is ETHERNET Powerlink?


Can I use hubs?


Can I use Switches in Powerlink systems?


Why should I use Mint for Powerlink applications?


How does Mint compare to motion control using platforms such as PLCopen?


What is Mint?


What is an Ethernet Socket?


What is an Ethernet Port?


Why do Powerlink devices have IP addresses?


Do Powerlink devices have IP addresses?


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