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Frequently Asked Questions



H2 Inversores

Does the H2 drive utilize an on board serial port without the need for an expansion board?


Can I run an H2 Vector drive open loop?


If we purchase this drive can we receive technical and start-up information via the Internet?


What are the differences in the autotuning function between the H and the H2 vector?


Is the H2 terminal strip the same as the H Series?


Does the H2 drive utilize the same operating modes as the H Series drives?


Will the H2 drive have additional expansion boards not available in the H series?


Can the existing H Series expansion boards be used with the H2 drives?


Can the H2 open loop drive be operated as a closed loop vector control?


What enclosure types are available in the H2 drives?


Can I upgrade my existing H Series drive with the H2 control board?


What is H2?


Are you discontinuing the H Series drive?


Does the H2 drive use the same keypad as the H Series drive?


What is a “Smart Keypad” and how far can it be mounted from the drive?


What agency approvals are listed on the H2 drives?


Will there be an H2V drive available?


Will the H2 drives be available with a 575 Volt rating?


When I purchase an H2 drive, do I also need to purchase a line reactor?


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